Who we are

Mediline Isothermal Solutions SA is an innovative company, specialized in the research, design, production and distribution of temperature-controlled passive cooling packages (TCPs) and is one of the world’s leading industries, in this area. It is based in Oinophyta of Viotia, in modern, private facilities of 4,400 sq.m. Its investments are technology-intensive, with the required technological equipment. The human resources consist of a dynamic group, with a high level of expertise (administration, sales, research and development (R&D), procurement, quality assurance, etc.).

Our History

The history of Mediline Isothermal Solutions S.A. started in 1994 by a Biomedical Technology Engineer, Mr. Konstantinos Dontis, who started with the production of gel ice packs, Hard & Soft. In 2002 he proceeded to the investment and establishment of a strong R&D department, with a proprietary temperature testing metrology laboratory and in 2004 he expanded to the production of Temperature Controlled Packaging. In 2014, the company established a new business center in Istanbul (Turkey), while in the 3rd quarter of 2015, a production unit in the Istanbul area was put into operation. In August 2017, Mediline USA LLC was founded, with a new business center located in Boston, Massachusetts (USA), which is now also supported by a modern production facility in the state of Iowa.

Our Vision

Mediline Isothermal Solutions vision is to make a contribution for a better, safer and more ecological world, with the continuous improvement of Temperature Controlled Packaging, by finding new greener materials and new production methods, always setting the highest quality standards. Its purpose is to protect and ensure the value and quality of the product distributed with its packaging, for medicine, food or beverages, in order to improve people’s lives. Its mission is to inform and help all customers understand the importance of adopting and applying proper distribution rules, ensuring the best quality of their product.

Our Clients