Half Face Mask GFM-001 for kids

Community enhanced personal care Face Mask, reusable
Available colours: Black, White, Dark Red, Blue
Pack of 10 pieces



The Community enhanced personal care Face Mask, “Half Face Mask – GFP 001”, by Mediline Isothermal Solutions is versatile and specially designed to allow a perfect fit on the face, fully covering the user’s nose and mouth while the outer cover provides high resistance to liquid splashes. Its ergonomic design, based on the comfort of the person wearing it, offers easy and comfortable breathing, minimizing the resistance to air flow during both inhalation and exhalation as much as possible. Ideal for use indoors and outdoors, where it is not possible to observe the safety distances specified.

– Made of fully recyclable, hypoallergenic non-woven high density polypropylene fabric and is suitable for all sizes of kids faces.

– Zero permeability of deposited water droplets which makes it increased care and safety compared to other fabrics (cotton, canvas).

– Adapts easily to the face while remaining stable during speech and does not strain

– Reusable and washable at 60oC. It is recommended to wash before first use and after each use.

– According to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (Sanitaon Health / Boiling Water), high disinfection is achieved when the materials are placed for 1 minute in boiling water at 100oC (exposure to temperatures above 70oC is sufficient to inactivate pathogenic bacteria, viruses and protozoa in less than 1 minute). Its construction material is durable to be placed in boiling water for a period of time, capable of achieving the maximum possible level of disinfection.

The mask should be used in accordance with good personal hygiene practices and disinfected after each use before reuse.

If any damage to the mask or parts (eg rubber band) is observed, it should be discarded.

The mask should be carefully inspected before and after each use.

Made in Greece