Ice Pack 400 Hard

Multi-purpose ice pack, hard
Minimum order: 27 pieces

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Unique formula:
– Keeps the ice pack frozen for three times longer than the corresponding conventional ice packs.
– Tested for toxicity & ecotoxicity
– In case of leakage due to transport accident, it will not create problems for the transported products, nor will it soil them.
– Faster freezing & slower thawing.
– Not affected by the products it retains.
– Simple and easy to use with long life
– Multipurpose

175x93x31,5 ± 1,5 mm
Gross Weight: 400gr. ±5

Box dimensions for 27 pieces: 375x190x238mm
Box weight: approximately 11.2 Kilos.

The ice packs of Mediline Isothermal Solutions SA are suitable for packaging, storage and transport of vulnerable and temperature sensitive products, which require a temperature-controlled handling environment.

Hard series and Soft series ice packs are designed for repeated (multiple) use and are ideal for application in both the pharmaceutical industry and in diagnostics, food, beverages, first aid, etc., protecting vulnerable and temperature sensitive products from deterioration during transport, handling and storage. They are completely user and environment friendly and are made of high quality materials. They consist of a completely biodegradable and non-toxic gel (gel) and their unique composition, gives the ability to maintain the application temperature (Cooling) for longer than conventional ice packs.

Instructions for use of ice packs

Freeze the ice pack in the freezer, preferably in a horizontal position. Place it on the object you want to keep at a low temperature. For best results use two or more ice packs. Pre-freeze the items you want to keep at a low temperature.

The ice pack is reusable. When it thaws you can freeze it again and reuse it. Its application in First Aid can effectively deal with a wide range of discomforts and injuries, relieving pain and offering immediate relief in cases of sprains, toothache or headache, while it is suitable for any topical application that requires or recommends treatment with cold or / and ice.

Ice packs should be kept in their original packaging for the period of use, stored in a dry and cool place and protected from further mechanical treatment, prolonged exposure to direct sunlight and / or any other exposure to high heat (fire) or sources of ignition. Although their material is not dangerous to humans and / or the environment, it should not be swallowed and should be kept away from children. Particular care should be taken when applying to children and / or the elderly with very sensitive skin.

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